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Taken from the above twitter thread.
Interesting times we live in, the fossils of this planet are on their last breaths, fighting to keep control over a system that has evolved beyond them.
Being a founder in this unfriendly environment sucks, imagine being tied to people who run businesses in this environment.
Freedom is priceless, you don't truly understand this until you are put in a position where you can not freely act as you please.
But the reality is, it's all in your head.
It's what you choose to believe.
A self-imposed mental prison.
In front of you is the greatest technological revolution since the birth of the internet.
Yet many choose to conform and restrict themselves inside the very system they are trying to disrupt and break free of.
What is the point?
Spoon-fed bad advice and led to terrible choices.
Most of the cats building in this space are young and easily influenced, haven't lived yet.
Don't understand life, there are some things you only learn with time.
Yet again time <> value relationship springs up.
Time gives you the wisdom that you can only learn with experience.
They control you with their money and fear.
Fear is a powerful motivator, it can lead to irrational decisions and actions.
Fear is also a powerful weapon, weaponized fear serves many uses.
The mouse trap that is VClowns is filled with fear.
This is how they control the narrative.
Taking money from an establishment built within this current system means you also fall under the same restrictions and obligations they face.
In short, you will be dealing with a lot of lawyers who will tell you things you can or can not do while burning a hole in your pockets.
The fact is, they don't know anything with certainty.
Nothing more than fantasy scenarios that may or may not happen and how it would look in this dreamland they are conjuring up.
Meanwhile, the bills keep rolling in, you need this, and you need that.
Fear is a powerful motivator.
Decentralized technologies are all about empowering the individual, breaking the system, and freedom.
How can you achieve anything if you sell your soul to the clowns before you even take your first baby steps?
What are you trying to accomplish?
The future is never certain, you can't plan for something as big as what is about to come.
It hasn't even begun yet, the true movement towards decentralization.
The people are not woke yet, most are sleeping behind the wheels and listening to the news still.
What is the purpose of a VClown?
I honestly don't know, I don't understand what is their purpose in life, why do they exist?
These guys make money with other people's money and I fail to see what contributions they make to society if any.
I don't see a future where they exist.
VClowns to me are just another inefficiency of the current financial system and economy.
They don't need to exist in a true decentralized future.
That's the irony of it all, these guys fund the very projects that will put them out of business.
Maybe the joke is on the rest of us.
$NINJA | CAPITAL, the venture arm of Ninja Protocol just like the parent company does not operate within the current system.
Ninja Protocol has already crossed an infection point where it can no longer be stopped or shut down.
That's what the people on the outside don't get.
It would be fair to say that Ninja Protocol doesn't even exist.
It is truly a decentralized protocol, even if you cut the head off, 10 more will spring out.
Are you starting to understand now?
There are contingencies for everything, even my death.
I'm planning to meet with partners of one of the top law firms in the country that were well established before crypto and jumped on board the last cycle and are now OGs of this space.
Our meeting is not to discuss onboarding Ninja Protocol.
It's to discuss if I will even bother to.
The fact is, Ninja Protocol does not need an office, does not need a registration, does not need a bank account, and most certainly does not need lawyers.
We can continue to operate and grow.
We can't be stopped, how can you stop us?
Who are you going to shut down exactly?
We are one of the most trusted brands in this space and our company is a complete ghost.
We don't exist, that's pretty scary.
But apparently, this is not the case as the market has clearly shown.
The market is always right.
Just like how everything we've done at Ninja Protocol has been our way, our narrative, and in our control.
The venture arm will operate no differently and we intend to bring that same mindset to the projects we invest and get involved with.
We want to empower founders/creators.
These tweets now serve as the mission statement of $NINJA | CAPITAL and what we are about.
We do things differently here and we can show you how to do it like us.
F*CK them VClowns, literally.
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