NINJA Roadmap
Short-term roadmap into 2022.
    Last updated on Oct 15th, 2021 18:00 UTC.
    Originally released on Aug 24th, 2021 03:13 UTC.
    Roadmap has changed since original release in August.
    Roadmap is under constant revision.

Q2/2021 - Creation of NINJA token and hard-fork.

    NINJA token minted on May 1st.
    Participated in Solana Season Hackathon, MVP released.
    SBF_FTX agrees to be NINJA-VAULT custodian.
    NINJA-DEX v1 released.
    NINJA-GAME announced.
    NINJA token hard-forked.

Q3/2021 - Begin developing infrastructure of Ninja Protocol ecosystem.

    Tokenomics v1 released.
    NINJA-DEX v2 released, updated UX/UI.
    Profile page release.
    NINJA/SOL liquidity pool launched. (ADDED)
    Public raise through NINJA/USDC serum market. (ADDED)
    Tokenomics finalized, NINJA supply locked.

Q4/2021 - Complete ecosystem infrastructure, NINJA token public sale.

    NINJA-PLEX v1 release. (MOVED TO Q4)
    Genesis Series NFT release. (MOVED TO Q4)
    Leaderboard page release. (MOVED TO Q4)
    NINJA token whitepaper release.
    NINJA-VISION v1 release.
    NINJA-PLEX v2 released, updated /w vision upgrade.
    NINJA-DEX v3 release, updated /w vision upgrade.
    NINJA-GAME whitepaper.
    NINJA token public sale. (CANCELLED)

Q1/2022 - Release of Ninja Protocol products, PFP-NFT / NINJA-GAME.

    NINJA Profile Picture NFTs release.
    NINJA-WALLET v1 release.
    NINJA-GAME alpha release.
    NINJA 2022 roadmap.
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