Collection Gallery: Official Marketplace: The NINJA-PROTOCOL NFTs collection is a series of NFTs that depict moments in the Ninja Protocol community's history, including the first collection of NFTs released in 2021 using the early Metaplex program. We have merged the old and new into a unique cNFT collection, which is being distributed to the community of $NINJA token holders simply for their status as holders and members of the community. By utilizing cNFTs and dramatically reducing the cost of creation, we have opened the doors for a very cost-efficient distribution of a large collection. The goal of this collection is to indefinitely continue providing our community members with artwork that depicts both the Ninja Protocol lore and current events. This is a collection we intend to expand upon for years to come. Hence, its straightforward name: the NINJA-PROTOCOL NFT collection.

The collection showcases five tiers of cNFTs, each mirroring the five tiers of the Ninja Protocol community. The tiers are structured as follows:

The collection will feature different print sizes for each NFT. Some will be available to all tiers of $NINJA token holders, while others will be exclusive to selected tiers. Additionally, certain prints will be distributed randomly, with only a lucky few receiving them.

Owning higher tiers of $NINJA will increase the likelihood of obtaining a limited print from the collection.

Periodically, the collection will include exclusive 1/1 prints classified as 'legendary tier,' adding a unique and rare element to the series.

NFTs of poor quality are produced in larger quantities, allowing for broader collection by numerous collectors.

The collection will also feature elements of current pop culture, like the viral TikToker, Pinky Doll.

OG NINJA-PROTOCOL NFTs from 2021 will feature the "OG" trait.

Join us on a journey through the storied past and anticipated future moments of Ninja Protocol with our NINJA-PROTOCOL NFT collection.

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