Mint Details

Date: December 29th, 2021

Cost: 1 PIXEL

Pixel tokens can be earned for free by participating in giveaways within the Ninja Protocol ecosystem or can be purchased from other users on NINJA-DEX.

Supply: 10000

The mint will be released in four batches of 2500 NINJA-PIXEL NFTs.

Royalty: 0%



NFT Details

The NINJA-PIXEL NFT collection started as a passion project born from the frustrations of seeing low-effort pixelated artwork being spammed for high mint prices during the earlier days of NFTs on the Solana blockchain.

NINJA-PIXEL NFTs is a collection that is FREE to mint, ZERO royalties, and the marketplace also has ZERO fees. This medium article from December goes into the origins of NINJA-PIXELS.

The vision of the NINJA-PIXEL collection is to create an NFT collection with no value being extracted from the participants of the collection while building out utility and continuing to add value to the holders.

In this way, we give the economy that forms around the NINJA-PIXEL NFTs a chance to grow and gain value among participants.

PIXEL tokens that are used to mint the NINJA-PIXEL NFTs are not sold by Ninja Protocol and can only be earned for free by participating in activities within the Ninja Protocol ecosystem.

For the impatient, there is also the option to buy the PIXEL tokens from others who have taken the time to earn them by participating through NINJA-DEX using NINJA tokens.


The collection also gives an opportunity for brand new NFT users to become a holder without having to spend any money but simply through participation.

NINJA-PIXEL NFTs will serve as the login/characters to play in the upcoming NINJA-PIXEL mobile game.

Here are some early concepts of the roguelite RPG game that is currently under development.

The NINJA-PIXEL mobile game will use an SPL-token called ONI as the main currency of the game.

ONI tokens will be used for a variety of things such as replenishing energy or buying items within the game.

There is a fixed supply of 69,420,000,000 ONI tokens minted and a supply of 69,420 ONI tokens will be distributed to wallets holding NINJA-PIXEL NFTs at a random point once per month.

ONI tokens are also available for P2P trade through NINJA-DEX.


More to come in the future!

NFT Utility

The main utility of the NINJA-PIXEL NFT collection is access to the NINJA-PIXEL mobile game and the ability to use your NINJA-PIXEL NFT as your avatar/character which will be upgradeable through playing time and ONI tokens.

In the future, the NINJA-PIXEL NFTs will give access to a variety of mini-games in the Ninja Protocol ecosystem.


Rarity Chart

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