This will be the final tokenomics update for the NINJA token.
As of December 18th, 2023, the supply of NINJA tokens has been fully distributed and is now fully circulating.
The contributors of Ninja Protocol no longer possess any personal allocations of $NINJA tokens, beyond those they have individually purchased on the open market.
Here is an updated visual of the finalized tokenomics.
$NINJA Final Form
Protocol liquidity controlled by Ninja Protocol sits in mostly permissionless pools.
There will be variance in what sits within the pools as the protocol rebalances holdings and pools over time. The demand from the market will also dictate the weight of $NINJA tokens within these pools.
During periods of high demand, the pools will deplete and hold considerably fewer $NINJA tokens while increasing in the weight of paired tokens of each individual pool.
Previously, unlocked team holdings of 3,000,000 $NINJA tokens were distributed at a price range of $0.005 - $0.02 USDC during the $NINJA liquidity event on December 18th, 2023.
$NINJA post liquidity event
Ninja Protocol now buys and sells $NINJA tokens as needed in the permissionless public markets, alongside other market participants in the $NINJA token-denominated markets.
The fees generated from these activities makes Ninja Protocol a profitable and self-sustaining organization.
While contributors no longer have allocations of $NINJA, they can still capture and benefit from the growth of the protocol moving forward.
This fair distribution creates a uniquely equitable system where all public token holders can benefit from the future growth and activities of Ninja Protocol in a permissionless manner.
After two and a half years of distribution through the extreme market conditions that crypto offers, the $NINJA token has achieved a 100% fair distribution and is now fully circulating.
There will be no further tokenomic changes. This is the $NINJA token's final form.