NINJA-VISION is an innovative tool eagerly anticipated by the Ninja Protocol community. Envisioned since 2021, this tool is set to improve the way users interact with the Solana blockchain.

Key Features and Development Stages:

  1. Initial Development and Testing:

    • The tool is currently in its nascent stages, being iteratively developed and fine-tuned with the help of the legendary ninjas.

    • Once refined, it will be rolled out to the rest of the ranks within the dojo for further testing and feedback.

  2. Accessibility:

    • Eventually, NINJA-VISION will be accessible to everyone.

    • Users can either hold 5000 $NINJA tokens or opt for a monthly subscription at approximately 250 $NINJA (final figure yet to be determined).

    • This approach caters to both community members and those solely interested in the tool.

  3. Onchain Trading and Data Analysis:

    • A crucial aspect of NINJA-VISION is its focus on onchain trading and specific tooling required for such activities on the Solana network.

    • The tool will initially feature a comprehensive data dashboard.

    • Discord webhook integration for custom trigger alerts based on onchain activities of specific wallets or tokens is planned, adding significant value for users.

  4. Advanced Functionalities:

    • Wallet profiling and counter-tracking capabilities.

    • Detection of copy-traders to analyze their holdings, liquidity, and trading tendencies, especially beneficial in markets with small caps and poor liquidity.

    • The tool is designed to become an essential daily utility for traders, with continuous enhancements planned throughout the year.

Vision and Commitment:

The vision for NINJA-VISION extends beyond a simple data tool; it aims to offer a comprehensive, user-friendly interface with unique features like wallet tracking and trigger alerts. The Ninja Protocol contributors plans to use and improve NINJA-VISION continually, ensuring it remains a cutting-edge resource for onchain traders.

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