6. $NINJA 2.0 Updates

$NINJA 2.0 has gone through significant revisions since first announced on Sept 1st, 2022.

NINJA was a token minted and launched without tokenomics. As interest grew, so did the need for tokenomics. The first group of contributors at Ninja Protocol that designed $NINJA 1.0 froze majority of the token supply as a solution to continue forward and re-evaluate the tokens in the future.

After careful consideration, the current contributors at Ninja Protocol have agreed to burn majority of the frozen token supply.

Our goal with the tokens burn is to create a better distribution between what is currently held by the public and those remaining under the control of Ninja Protocol.

The 5,000,000 tokens burnt on 05/24/2023 and 25,000,000 tokens burnt on 09/01/2023 brings the supply burnt total to 30,000,000 tokens.

The new total supply of NINJA is 19,996,756 tokens.

There are 11,500,000 tokens circulating in public wallets and 3,500,000 tokens held by Ninja Protocol.

The remaining 5,000,000 tokens remain frozen. To be used for liquidity provision incentives in the future.

Current tokenomics un-circulating supply included.

Ninja Protocol will re-evaluate tokenomics with the start of every new quarter. Plans for the un-circulating supply are subject to change.

The final goal for distribution of NINJA tokens is to have majority of the token supply under the control of public wallets.

Current target for final tokenomics is Q3 2025.

Below is a list of changelogs.

Updates Q2 2023 changelog

  1. 5,000,000 NINJA burnt on 05/24/2023,

  2. Total supply 44,996,770 NINJA.

  3. 30,000,000 NINJA tokens frozen on-chain on 5/24/2023.

  4. There are no further details regarding frozen tokens at this time. 30 days notice will be given if any tokens are to be unlocked.

Updates to Q3 2023 changelog

  1. 30,000,000 NINJA tokens thawed on 09/01/2023.

  2. 25,000,000 NINJA burnt on 09/01/2023

  3. Total supply 19,996,77 NINJA

  4. 5,000,000 NINJA tokens refrozen on-chain on 09/01/2023.

  5. Remaining frozen tokens to be used for liquidity provision incentives in the future. 30 days notice will be given if any tokens are to be unlocked.

*last updated Sept 3rd, 2023.

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