NINJA-PIXELS has been shelved and not being developed at this time.

With the halt of development for both the NEO-NINJA game and the NINJA-MMO, the focus will be on the NINJA-PIXELS NFT collection and the NINJA-PIXELS MOBILE game.

The timing of Solana's pivot to mobile and their roadmap for releases in the near future is also a big factor in our decision.

Ninja Protocol is in a good position with an already developed mobile game with blockchain connections and the NINJA-PIXEL NFT collection is a great foundation to build on.

The initial 2500 supply of NINJA-PIXEL NFTs was distributed to our community and other Solana NFT communities for free.

Due to the popularity of the secondary markets, the remainder of the collection was put on hold while the NINJA-PIXEL mobile game was developed and a clearer vision for this fun community project was formed.

Our goal is to create an open-source application with every action being executed on the blockchain with micro-tx fees being applied to these actions resulting in fees generated for the collection.

The next NINJA-PIXEL NFT mint will also introduce a new concept of creating a liquidity pool upon token generation with the majority of the token supply locked to the liquidity pool upon launch.

This $TBD token and the liquidity from the second NINJA-PIXELS NFT mint will serve as the starting economy for the NINJA-PIXEL MOBILE game's ecosystem.

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