NINJA-MMO has been shelved and not being developed at this time.

The NINJA-MMO started as a concept to build out a tokenized MMORPG world and integrate NFTs into the game.

Over the course of development during the past year, we've encountered many issues and struggled to define a clear direction on how to integrate tokens and NFTs with the game.

After much deliberation, we have decided to put the NINJA-MMO game concept on hold.

Several factors played a role in this difficult decision.

We've created an expansive world with a playable alpha but due to the sheer scale of the world, we faced many issues with users being unable to run the game smoothly or at all.

The amount of resources it would take to continue to try and develop a competitive AAA MMORPG game is no longer realistic with the extreme changes in market conditions over the past year.

These problem compounded with the lack of clear products has put the NINJA-MMO in an awkward state.

The NINJA-MMO world we have created can be adapted onto other platforms such as virtual reality in the future, custom assets we've created are recyclable and may be used in other productions as well.

The issues outlined above along with our decision to focus on one project moving forward have ultimately led us to this decision.

We plan to revisit the NINJA-MMO in the future.

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